Safe Spaces

I am beginning to understand the vibe behind the Ukranians at their local restaurant when they say, "I don't know," in response to some of the particular desires of the American customers. "When will you have more pastries?" "Are there any scraps my pet can eat?" ... "I don't know." It's said in a space their soul takes the time to breathe in. Accent on the "I", and drawing out the "ow...", a phrase they have likely turned to on more than several occasions.

This morning, "I don't know," was a vocalized space my soul took relief to occupy. I don't know who these people are who are following me. what they want from me. Why are they so intelligent, ruthless, stealthy, seemingly purpose-driven? I don't know. I don't know now how I can do better. I tend to give the same type of response. Innocent, ditzy, optimistic general picture view of infinite generalized abundance and discovery My state of mind as a child at the popular 90s play center called Discovery Zone, a psychedellic, infinite dimension appropriately named discovery zone, with many levels, combinations of slides and tunnels, swings, waterbeds, roller pins, colors, shapes, and textures. 

How could the Ukranians have done better? How could they have been more powerful, resourceful, artful, to have garnered more respect from the Russians, more hesitance at least to not give into horrific war crimes? More choice in the imposed relationship? I don't know...

The Russians have a preoccupation with the truth, even though they are compulsive liars. Masters of psychological operations and warfare, any persistently imposed truth can become truth, believed realities in which human behaviors and constructs reflect and are appropriately acted upon and lived into. 

What is true becomes what can be objectively and publicly accounted for despite any forced methods of private manipulations and oversights, and information that generally need not be accounted for. The public, what holds power over the public, becomes the space of true determinations and shows of power. Masters of perception architecting, the Russians have little notion of authentic, private individual experience. At minimum it's not relevant, at maximum it doesn't exist at all, uncommunicable in the mapped territories of sense-making that generates the "real" soul. The real soul has power on the level of the state, it carries authority in society, and authority in society is optimized in service to the state. That state ultimately should be trusted at all costs. It is ultimately the most mature, responsible entity, the parent, who is responsible for the house in which the children occupy, the safety which forms the basis of all known developments, all natural discoveries along the way. 

There are times when I wanted to reconnect with my childhood, a child-like sense of good without evil. It's in all honesty a persistent coping mechanism for me. Buying sneakers, candy, bonding with my new baby kitten, Simba, reimagining my dream as a light-hearted fun and innocent play. Love that knows no evil. 

However, it has come to my attention that there are forces out there, sometimes surprisingly well organized, which are specifically jaded by beauty and love, who feed off power over the innocent, the aimless, and unprotected abundance. They enjoy primal forces of domination and subservience. The formal accounting of all communicable data points and principle-based credit building access with well-defined boundaries, the defense of all abundance and value, therefore becomes necessary, critical. 

Nothing in this world comes without cost. There is no freedom without security. 

The organized states that value beauty, love, free expression, and truth, must come with it its own accounting, security, and defense. Discoveries and developments in natural potentials for valuable creation may be maintained only by being housed by parents willing to absorb costs of unconsumable value, values which does not increase the power and authority of the parent. Deep listening has the natural developmental effect therefore of globalization, globalized self-conception and the sharing of interests, the opposite effect of isolation and measured control. War is a tactic for sustainability in the eyes of someone who is afraid of losing their sense of self, integrating the worlds of others into their own. Empowered femininity has a chance to save such stagnation. Surrender, fluid sense of self, recovery from rape, domination, and control, accepting to receive infinite abundance without control over identity are psychological processes that help evolution to globalized self-concepts and infinite creative capacities.

There is no way to own such a state. It is only though the sharing of wisdom and the personal embracing of one's own infinite creation and defense of boundaries that we may contribute toward the transition to a new age of global enlightenment, people power, and the end to all violence and war. Then, perhaps maybe one day we may all together occupy the house of God. Infinite actualization of all soul's creative potentials and communicable shared value points. A resolved answer: "I know." Your suffering, your desires, are indeed with resolution. This, I know.