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Dawn of Winter

Awakening to the infinite layers of hypocrisy of my country and the people who claim to believe anything at all, I am becoming more and more inspired by the world of listening beyond the mind. The mind slows down flow, makes things dull and heavy. Peeling back the layers of my subconscious, my dreams become…

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First days in Denver

Denver is incredible. It’s full of inspired people. Dreamers of regenerative infrastructure. I have already met in the first days a few people who provided me with powerful experiences. Last night I made a full grown man cry at a 5 Star restaurant, talking to me about his dead father and his perspective on life….

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The Meaning of Regeneration

https://youtu.be/QZSDbUTgGXM You might have heard of regenerative agriculture. But you might be wondering the meaning of regeneration itself could be. I am of the understanding that regenerative practices are not entirely scientific in nature. Whether you balance two ecosystems together over two other eco systems that equally could have generated additional natural relationship and harmony,…

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Halloween & Election Night

Today is the first day of the rest of our lives! I made this 10 min drunken wonder woman sex video, the perfect lead up to this wild election period. I am ready to serve this world whole heartedly for the purposes of regeneration. Regeneration requires deep listening. Help me to listen deeply to my…

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