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A sapiosexual social network, for lovers of nature, adventure, & romance 


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The dream: 

a gamified production tying social networking with planting


You dirty dog you...

Get close to me in more ways than one, more than a financial price, you need to build a credit history with me and engage my mind and heart lol... good luck!

Journal: My story in motion

I love nature, I always have. I love the world, animals, people, and the infinite possibilities born of our imaginations. My love has been tested with the craziest and most wild behaviors I have ever witnessed. I believe in the power of love and what I can promise is to keep growing, for the sake of the real context for my actions.


Healing requires getting honest about the potentials for growth that were all but lost. It requires deep listening, nurturing, belief,  genuine care. One of my favorite stories growing up was The Secret Garden. I believe there is overlap between standard agricultural and cultural practices.

Volunteer opportunities

  1. Mature Able to handle topics of nudity and sexuality with good listening, communication, respect
  2. Educated  Able to add valuable skills to the project
  3. Interest in consciousness and nature Sensitivity to the silence of nature, natural creative potentials, deep listening to sound and energies 

Love for nature

Remote expeditions, sound healing, explorations of presence and flow, points for simplified intellectual engagement tracking, credit access intimate interactive capabilities, gardening and regenerative agriculture gamified output points research and development

Sound, Vibrations, Music inspirations

Hypatia explore flow arts: sound vibrational resonance, intuitive free form expression, and contemporary ballet She has a particular interest in exploring primal states of consciousness and embodiment, surrender of inhibition and self-consciousness, awakening intuition and desire, all with a basis of fine technique and micro-expression choice

Music inspirations

Spiritual, soulful, epic, high energy, tribal Artists: Apashe, Clozee, Flume, Sevdaliza, Crooked Colours, ...

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