My dream

I love to be fully activated. I love to practice yoga, ballet, philosophy, exploring nature, and exploring erotic sensation. I am offering nudity and connection, and ideally you are investing in the website in such a way so as to create space for a gift based paradigm of interaction rather than transaction based. I am interested to learn more how to connect with others and create space for the sharing of truths, as well as to generate a lot of pleasure and intrigue, to inspire positive and engaged interaction.

I would like to invest in decentralized regenerative agriculture, which listens to the needs and natural thriving potential of nature, with my success. I would like to learn how to integrate an audience into a gamified interactive adventure travel storyline that guides such a mission.

You may join me virtually in three different ways:

Activities – Observe

Services – Benefit

Requests – Influence


5’4″ 105lbs American

Loves to engage in philosophy, cultural exchange, dance, and have adventures

Sees the world of live streaming as an opportunity to engage in all 4 at once!

Interested in learning about regeneration as philosophy, science, spirituality, and self-actualization. Interested in the new renaissance and becoming more powerful to help build regenerative infrastructure.

6 months camming

University educated, sapiosexual

Traveled to 39 countries

Climbed some mountains and jumped off some mountains

Hosted a few philosophy clubs