Dawn of Winter

Awakening to the infinite layers of hypocrisy of my country and the people who claim to believe anything at all, I am becoming more and more inspired by the world of listening beyond the mind. The mind slows down flow, makes things dull and heavy.

Peeling back the layers of my subconscious, my dreams become more vivid, and my body awakens to a new level of liberated sensation.

This process began to take on surprising form, and I find myself less in need of making sense than my analytical mind continues to lead me on.

Awakening with the rising sun, I find myself unable to face the day. My motivation for life waning, my ability to express myself authentically, forgetting the point.

But then, as I continue to dive deeper, I find a flower opening more and more the more I surrender to flow that rises within me in the purest fashion. Learning to appreciate my isolation, I realize everything I desire has been within me all along.

The 15 minute erotic video that inspired this message

The Meaning of Regeneration

You might have heard of regenerative agriculture. But you might be wondering the meaning of regeneration itself could be.

I am of the understanding that regenerative practices are not entirely scientific in nature. Whether you balance two ecosystems together over two other eco systems that equally could have generated additional natural relationship and harmony, it ultimately doesn’t matter. A symphony of organisms generating additional synergy and experiences of particular self-actualization need not the knowledge of what could have been when it is experiencing itself thriving nonetheless.

In Mindvalley, they teach about fulfillment through self-actualization and the fulfillment of self-actualization through visualization concurrent with heightened experiences of authenticity in the present moment, requiring self-identification through physical embodiment beyond the analytical mind. In his book The Code of the Extraordinary Mind, Vishen Lakhiani wrote about the need to take decisive action, and that a part of being extraordinary and tapping into the magic of the universe is about clarifying what you want and removing your assumptions regarding it being distant from you, and realizing you have to know what it looks like, how to recognize it, and then actually choose, decide, to develop integrity around it. So if you want a relationship, visualize your ideal partner and follow something beyond yourself that feels right within the domain of that imagination.

“Goal setting in the modern western world is broken.” – Vishen Lakhiani

Jon & Missy Butcher – personal growth teachers and Mindvalley coaches, a couple who used a model to powerfully manifest their ideal life, in their own words, “Self-directed, people who trust their gut and their intuition, they know who they are and where they are going, then they can help other people…”

Regeneration is about the innate self-knowing organisms have regarding their own nature.

This relates to my own belief that there is no such thing as time. What exists more truly is the substantial nature of the universe, not the material nature. The substance of this world is eternal, and from the eternal realm you may connect beyond the limits of space and time and manifest from a creative place, a place of pure experience, relating as an eternal being to the universal realm of substance.

So however beyond that self an organism has transformed, in unhealthy or untrue relationships to external natural orgasms and eco systems, the substance or the form contains not only a memory, but a seed of potential, of that which it is, if relationship reflecting upon its own natural creative potential is restored it should experience no effort in creating in a self-directed self actualization process.

We cannot pretend to know what is best for anything before a discovery period based on authentic experiences of all operating actors. There is a deep listening life is capable of, and in general this listening is never turned off. Perhaps another word for regeneration could be truth itself, truth beyond the senses where comfort and balance might not be enough to feel into it with. However, it so happens that the truth of life itself is that it craves not only being and harmony, but self-actualization through authentic experience.

I believe that this is where the soul may be re-introduced into the science of evolution. Because animals, not only do they seek to survive in external environments suited to the internal environments of their bodies, but they seek to experience themselves playing into a storyline of being true to themselves in the present moment, and such an access point to the whole of the universe, the whole of the universe both within and without, is generative, which means it’s inherently uncertain. However, via moment to moment experiences of authentic wholeness an organism can feel as if he knows himself, well enough, anyway, to become closer to God, to thrive, to meet his eternal self.

So on the topic of regenerative agriculture, we meet the infinite domain of listening, where our orientation toward the set of natural potential relationships in question, is inverted away from being optimized serve to our own interests and toward service optimizing the interests of the potentials themselves. So our value transforms from incomplete systemic extraction to a more holistic layering and layering of nurturing what is there to be nurtured for the sake of it. Just because it is simply valued that more of the potential of other organisms with their own self interests is realized.

Regeneration also applies to the domain of philosophical dialogue. Philosophical thought may be political in nature and incorporate incomplete systemic extraction, otherwise known as bias, valued and implemented rather than surrendering into a process-state or being-state marked by a value for the truth regarding the form of the potentials themselves. So, for example, what do you really believe? In an honest mode of questioning, via dialoguing either as an aware observer with the other of whatever though happens to cross your mind or dialoguing with another observer with the same. True dialogue, as the late physicist David Bohm wrote extensively about, is generative in nature. If someone develops a habit of bias, he or she remains capable of regeneration, of re-connecting to true relationships regarding what it is they really think or feel.

We don’t have a paradigm of regeneration. We have a paradigm of capitalist bias, which creates the two contrasting worlds of generation and degeneration. I believe it’s possible for there to be only generation, in a paradigm of listening and becoming rather than perceiving and taking. An experience driven world over a materialistic driven world. I believe regeneration reflects a balance of the masculine and feminine; it’s what surges out of dualities, connecting separated beings into eternity and universal creative energy with far greater power.

Our current degenerate middle class, it’s no coincidence they also struggle in the domain of romance. There is power in true relationships, and if you are sucked dry from your natural thriving state, for example depressed, you likely aren’t creating for the economy or for a story of romance. In a consumption state, we are not self-directed, we are directed by those with the materializations of their own visualizations.

In order to regenerate, we must come closer to the truth of ourselves, which includes direct relationships to food that is thriving and happy in natural harmony to ecosystems it interacts with.

We are in a dangerous collective space, because only individuals can truly come to know their own selves and direct their own selves. If you look at history, most people would rather follow a religion than be in a state of listening that would inspire them to write their own. Americans would rather follow authority than become their own authority. That’s why we have hyper inflated authorities. Our disconnection is widespread and deep.

That’s why I believe in the new era of regeneration, ultimately we are looking at a global religion of religions. A sustainable paradigm of truth itself, which is beyond any of us individually. And yet, in a paradigm of truth itself, it would need to be driven by The Individual. In a widespread human development paradigm, a religion of religions would share the wisdom of self-directed education and self-actualization for all humans, equally, beyond the perception and interests for gain of educators. A nurturing in higher consciousness, evolved from the past colonialization paradigm. A paradigm of freedom for all humans, regardless of their experiences of authenticity.

Because others rarely operate within such a space, it’s hard for us to develop a trust in nature itself. That is why regeneration is inherently collective. We can be true to ourselves in isolation, but we must co-exist. We must be accepted as individuals by the collective. And that is why I believe we may all now be described as evolving, becoming, and awakening. All of us, on special and unique storylines, are sharing in One overarching storyline. This is the story of regeneration. And we are the chosen ones, we are the regeneration generation.

For me, this is the meaning of Regeneration.

Halloween & Election Night

Halloween & Election Night: Today is the first day of the rest of our lives! I made this 10 min drunken wonder woman sex video, the perfect lead up to this wild election period. I am ready to serve this world whole heartedly for the purposes of regeneration.

Regeneration requires deep listening. Help me to listen deeply to my body, upgrade my wonder woman costume, and have some wild primal sex in nature, watched by an audience of thousands?! I wanna get my hands dirty.


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