Dawn of Winter

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Awakening to the infinite layers of hypocrisy of my country and the people who claim to believe anything at all, I am becoming more and more inspired by the world of listening beyond the mind. The mind slows down flow, makes things dull and heavy.

Peeling back the layers of my subconscious, my dreams become more vivid, and my body awakens to a new level of liberated sensation.

This process began to take on surprising form, and I find myself less in need of making sense than my analytical mind continues to lead me on.

Awakening with the rising sun, I find myself unable to face the day. My motivation for life waning, my ability to express myself authentically, forgetting the point.

But then, as I continue to dive deeper, I find a flower opening more and more the more I surrender to flow that rises within me in the purest fashion. Learning to appreciate my isolation, I realize everything I desire has been within me all along.

The 15 minute erotic video that inspired this message

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